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Fantastic tool for serious photographers

So I owned a G11 – and for {whatever|what ever} {reason|cause} {sold|offered} it a {few|couple of} months {back|back again}. I have {since|because} {tried|attempted} thePanasonic Lumix DMC-GF1,Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX5 andSamsung TL500. This {whole|entire} time I was {searching|looking} for {something|some thing} {better|much better} than the G-{series|sequence} – I only {found|discovered} it with the GF1 – but it is {too|as well} {large|big} to be a compact.
I only give this {camera|digital camera} {4|four} stars {instead|rather} of {5|five} for the {following|subsequent} {reasons|factors}.
{1|one}. {External|Exterior} Speedlite {control|manage} – you {still|nonetheless} {need|require} a “Master” unit like a580EX II orCanon STE2 to {control|manage} {external|exterior} Speedlites. Canon {should|ought to} get off their butt in this {area|region} to compete with the newNikon P7000. I {almost|nearly} {considered|regarded as} {going|heading} the Nikon route just to have that {feature|function} {built|constructed} in. Canon – {start|begin} {paying|having to pay} {attention|focus} to what David {Hobby|Pastime} says.
{2|two}. The {screen|display} is only 460K resolution. The Nikon {mentioned|talked about} {above|over} is 960K. The Samsung TL500 I {mentioned|talked about} {above|over} {sports|sports activities} a {beautiful|stunning} AMOLED {screen|display} that knocks this {one|1} out of the park.
{3|three}. The pathetic optical viewfinder. You are catering to {those|these} {people|individuals} that say a {camera|digital camera} {Must|Should} have {one|1} of these – {stop|quit} it. You are {wasting|losing} {space|room} with {something|some thing} so awful that even a disposable {camera|digital camera} does {better|much better}. I would {rather|fairly} have a {higher|greater} resolution {bigger|larger} {screen|display} (or a {smaller|more compact} {camera|digital camera}) than this awful piece of warped tunnel-vision.
{4|four}. The rear {control|manage} wheel is {too|as well} {small|little} – enlarge it so it feels {more|much more} like {one|1} of your DSLRs.
{5|five}. {While|Although} the lens is gorgeously sharp (I {mean|imply} competing with some of my L-lenses sharp) – f/{2|two}.{8|eight} to f/{4|four}.{5|five} is {slow|sluggish}.
{6|six}. The lens {needs|requirements} to be wider – 24mm f/{2|two} (or even f/{1|one}.{8|eight} in the Samsung) equiv is the {primary|main} {reason|cause} I {tried|attempted} the LX5 and TL500 {before|prior to} {going|heading} {back|back again} to Canon.
7. No microphone input for {video|video clip} recording.
{8|eight}. Just {too|as well} {big|large} and bulky – slim it down (but do NOT {remove|eliminate} the articulating {display|show}).
So {8|eight} knocks like that {might|may} sound like a {big|large} {deal|offer} – but {believe|think} me when I say this – the {camera|digital camera} is phenomenal.
{Image|Picture} {quality|high quality} is {outstanding|excellent} – I have had to {process|procedure} my RAW files with their converter ({typically|usually} useAdobe Photoshop Lightroom {3|three} – but even with their converter {image|picture} {quality|high quality} is {second|2nd} to none in the compact {world|globe}. I {actually|really} {prefer|choose} to do {product|item} shots with a G-{Series|Sequence} than my {usual|typical} 5D2 kit due to the {flexibility|versatility} and {increased|elevated} depth of {field|area}. The lens is magnificently sharp. HD {video|video clip} {results|outcomes} {look|appear} {pretty|fairly} {good|great} – but not stellar. It’ll do in a pinch – but its no camcorder {replacement|substitute}.
Operation {speed|pace} is {very|extremely} {good|great}. I have {read|study} a {few|couple of} posts {saying|stating} that focusing {speed|pace} is vastly {improved|enhanced} from the G11 – I haven’t {found|discovered} that to be the {case|situation} but none-the-{less|much less} its {pretty|fairly} {good|great}.
{Construction|Building} {quality|high quality} is {pretty|fairly} {good|great} – but I {don’t|don’t} like the {rough|tough} textured finish as {much|a lot} as the {smooth|easy} finish on the G11 – it {somehow|by some means} {makes|can make} it {feel|really feel} {cheaper|less expensive}.
Controls are {absolutely|completely} {second|2nd} to none. {Dedicated|Devoted} EV and ISO dials are {wonderful|fantastic}. The new front {control|manage} dial is {great|fantastic}. The rear dial {however|nevertheless} could use a bit of an extension – {hard|tough} to {operate|run} {quickly|rapidly} with my {fat|excess fat} thumb. The {whole|entire} {camera|digital camera} is a {little|small} {fat|excess fat} – slim it down and kill the awful optical viewfinder. Would like a {dedicated|devoted} {movie|film} button like {pretty|fairly} {much|a lot} all of its {competitors|rivals}. The articulating {display|show} is {fantastic|wonderful} – PLEASE {include|consist of} this {whenever|when} you update the 5D.
{Value|Worth} for the {money|cash} is {mostly|mainly} {good|great} – but if you are like me and {need|require} on-{camera|digital camera} {control|manage} of {external|exterior} flashes add a whopping $200 for the ST-E2.
All in all a {fantastic|wonderful} {camera|digital camera} – even if it is a minimal update to the G11.